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Magento Issue: Repairing a Rebill Module

One of our clients owns a website that provides instructionals, tutorials, and online classes for a monthly fee. One of the issues that Magento has is that sometimes, when the rebill function is called in a module, it accesses the database, memcache, and zencache to recall the previous order.However, sometimes, for reasons our developers couldn't find out, that memcache, or zencache, which is supposed to be cleared after each unique session, somehow calls the wrong customer or customerID for the rebill module. Essentially what this means is that the wrong person is being billed for someone else's usage. Imagine the call you'll get from that first valued customer and you'll see why Customer Paradigm put not one but two of our developers on the issue.Here's a quick summary of the issue: The Rebill function takes the previous order information and uses that to bill the client on a monthly basis. Instead, our Rebill function is calling the database, and both caches, and returning incorrect customer information and the CustomerID assigned to the user via Authorize.net After an hour of searching from two developers, disabling memcache, the problem either lies in how the module is calling the database, or it is getting...
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