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Lasso - Make Life Easy with Business Card Reader

Businesses are growing tremendously, and finding your business new clients, and promoting it is essential for its growth. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of business cards. A business card is a designed piece of paper that has details about your business. It has brief details on your business contacts such as the phone numbers, fax, email and even websites. It also has a dossier on the services and products that the business offers. There are many applications that are useful in producing and copying business cards either to your phone or computer in order to manage your business contacts. An example of this application is the CardLasso, a business card scanner. The application is a product of the Lasso2GO suite. This application is supported by iPhone. It lets you take snapshots of the business cards you want to store in your phone or computer. It converts the photo taken into data, and stores it in the necessary fields. The saved information can be sent in the form of vcard and csv file. This application is not only limited to smart phones. It can be used with computers also. For use in the computer, one...
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