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GLMPS - an Innovative New Photo-Sharing App

Photo-sharing apps are a dime a dozen these days and the last thing we need is another copycat app. Thankfully, a new app has hit the App Store that offers an intriguing, new variation on photo sharing. GLMPS, currently offered for free, has tweaked the standard snapshot to creatively blend in a brief video. The idea behind the app is to provide something more than just a photo: a quick ‘glimpse’ into the past to remember more of the moment. Using GLMPS, when a user snaps a photo, the app magically adds the five preceding seconds and plays it like a video, ending with a still image. Essentially, the app is adding the ability to press play on your photos. The GLMPS website shows an excellent example of what the app offers. GLMPS is a simple idea that can capture the often missed funny and spontaneous moments that occur right before a picture is taken. But, how does this work? When the app is open, GLMPS is constantly recording video. So, when a user takes a photo, the app attaches the last five seconds of recording and scraps everything else. This provides a seamless photo and video capturing experience. Each moment...
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