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Website Speed - How to Improve Loading Time

For a several years topic related to website speed is very hot. On one hand it is already known that website speed signal is already implemented in Google algorithms and particular page need to respond fast enough to web requests.  On the other hand a visitors that prefer fast pages and not much time waiting when surfing the Internet – statistics shows that fast websites have lower bounce rate and most likely this improve user experience to browse several pages and proceed to order or subscription. Being realistic there are many ways to speed up particular website – from really basic one like image optimization (excellent tool – Yahoo Smush.It and there is also plug-in for WordPress – WP Smush.It) to advanced methods on server side – for example installing additional modules like mod_deflate or mod_pagespeed, which actually require more resources and processor power from the server and of course advanced knowledge. Website template or theme is a factor that shouldn't be underrated, be sure to use light website template. How to check website speed? There are several very useful tools that can help webmasters to determine website speed and discover what exactly is slowing down loading time. All tools below...
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