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The Innovative Appeal of Google Goggles – Business Cards

If you ever tire of having to manually enter each piece of contact information you receive from potential clients, then you may be a good candidate for Google’s picture recognition application. It is equipped to solve all of your business card issues and much more. Google Goggles is an innovative app that has been available for some time in the Android market, but it is extremely cutting edge and very useful for many of your business needs. This app is incredibly useful for all of your internet business adventures. You can utilize it for searching the web by taking a quick picture of just about anything that you can imagine. This technologically advanced Google app scans any image and then does a search for it. It works well for any photo and virtually any style text, and it also has a variety of uses for the business man or woman. It can save you tons of space on your desk as well. The app will read the text right off of any business card, and then it will create handy contact information from the info that it scanned. There is another technologically savvy app called the Camcard that is out on...
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