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Tips for Getting Your Images Ranking on Image Search

Everyone in the SEO field knows about link building, but there is a certain amount of arcane knowledge when it comes to getting good image search rankings. If you are a photographer, stock image seller or any other website that makes money through images, ranking in this search is essential. Here are a few tips to help boost your efforts. Image size First off, images should be optimized for size so that they load quickly, as it can be argued that load time affects the ranking of images and that is the overall website. By reducing the file size the load time will be reduced which can only be a positive in terms of SEO. This is more a consideration for those who have had a CMS web design and who are required to update the content themselves. Name Your Images Until image processors are so advanced that they can tell what an image is strictly from the pixels, all images are going to be ranked by name and content. When you upload an image from a digital camera or scanner you are probably going to get a name like dsc0000425.jpeg. All that tells us is that it is an image,...
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