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The Importance of Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks, "quality" being the operative word here, IS more important to Google than they've ever been. That's because Google's Panda update has been part of the North American Internet scene for more than eight months. Clever marketers are carefully making deals with smart webmasters offering up quality articles that include a couple of backlinks to their website. These backlinks also include cleverly crafted anchor text. I have been teaching SEO and anchor text strategies for over a decade. I have found for many students it's a difficult concept to grasp. I found that the backlinking jargon is the main culprit. If you have troubles in this area or are new to the subject I'll try to provide clarity. First, bear with me while I tell you a quick anecdote. A Quick Way to Kill Your Rankings I recently was called by someone in the SEO field asking if I could help him guide one of his clients in the right direction. His client's page had plummeted from page 3 to page 30 and the poor guy was scratching his head and trying to figure out where he had gone wrong. It quickly came out that what he was doing was...
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