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What SEO Experts Should Learn About PPC Marketing

 What to say about online marketing? It has definitely proven its worth and significance more than any other domain over a period of time, so much so, that online business owners cannot even think of surviving without it for a second.  One of the best things about online marketing is its quite broad and flexible spectrum, accommodating enough to carry different online marketing strategies like email marketing, PPC marketing, Search Engine Optimization –aka- SEO (with recent addition of SMO or Social Media Optimization), etc.  Out of all of them, it is PPC (Pay-per-Click) that could be the best example of “high risk high reward” category, serving literally to make or break for an online business. SEO, on the other hand, offers a bit of room, taking time in its implementation and still leaving room for corrections even after an unexpectedly bad stroke of luck.  Though people mostly treat PPC and SEO quite differently, web marketing experts suggest combining the positive aspects of both domains would serve the purpose of online promotion even better. Given below is a list of effective PPC rules that innovative SEO experts can and should use to vie for even better performance.  Rule # 1  AdWords folks,...
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