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Five Simple Steps to Creating A Profitable Amazon Associates Site

Anyone who works in internet marketing and affiliate sales will have a negative story or too about the Amazon Associates program – how it has never been the same since they ‘adjusted’ the commission structure and changed the length of the cookie, how the current commission rate is unfair and how you need to sell a crazily high number of products to get the top rates. All of these points are true, but when managed correctly, Amazon Associate sites can still offer significant profits to budding internet marketers and they still have their own advantages over other affiliates, despite offering lower rates. The first advantage is that they are easy to set up and that you know the company you are dealing with for your affiliate earnings are secure and reliable. The second is that your customers get the same sense of security, knowing that when they buy from your website they will be getting excellent customer service, full guarantees and the security of buying from the web’s biggest retailer. This knowledge often means that conversion rates will be far higher than if you redirect your customers to unknown but higher paying affiliates. In addition, remember that people will nearly always...
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