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Is Article Marketing Really Dead

One of the most popular ways to boost the rankings of your website in the popular search engines is by using article marketing. However, in the past couple of months more and more SEO experts claim that this practice is long gone due to the Google Panda Update and also that it can’t actually help you to improve your website’s positions at all. When you search Google for article marketing, you will easily find hundreds of interviews given by the industry experts, where they claim that this practice will only lead to negative results for your website. Working with some of the leading SEO experts in the industry for the past 5 years allowed me to try wide variety of link building techniques and see what results each one of them brings. This included article marketing as well, so in the next couple of lines I would like to share my experience and recommendations for this technique: The Content – If you want to achieve any results using article marketing, make sure all the content you plan to distribute is unique and written in fluent English language. If you use duplicated content or poorly written one, you are not likely to...
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