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Put Rocket Fuel Into Your Social Media Accounts with Social Safe

For many people online social networking is virtually synonymous with communication, and has in fact become the ideal or even preferred way to reconnect with old friends, stay connected to a circle of special people, and forge new relationships. Far from feeling impersonal, many online groups mimic the close connections often present in relatively small communities and established neighborhood subdivisions that are often missing from daily experiences. Accordingly, this safe feeling often belies the need for precautionary measures to protect carefully constructed online social networks, but Social Safe may be a wonderful tool for safeguarding your accounts against being inadvertently deleted, purposely hacked, or merely lost. SocialSafe is essentially a digital journal and backup apparatus for social network accounts that allows you to manipulate your included items in a variety of ways. The various versions let you download, export, search, or view your social network catalogue, including friends, followers, photos, or blogs. Losing this information would likely be extremely inconvenient at best and traumatic at worst, and this is what SocialSafe protects against. Beyond protecting your information, using SocialSafe also gives you a confidential way to save and revisit your past online commentary from a week, a month, or even a...
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