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Repurpose Your Existing Research and See a Boost in Your Traffic Rankings

You might be in the beginning stage of this business, so your time might be equally distributed into two parts. The time spent on content development is probably close to the amount of time spent on figuring out how to backlink to your site in order to boost your rank in the SERPs. It can be difficult, particularly when you need to produce interesting and well researched content. However, realizing that going for quantity rather than quality will result in unfavourable results, you put forth the effort to develop content that is well thought out and filled with useful information. If you are new to marketing, and starting off like most others do, then you are most likely spending far more time in the planning and research stage, than actually composing the piece. Probably triple the time, to be honest. And, if you are not, you should rethink your strategy. Perhaps the best method in developing quality content is to start with a detailed outline, filled with as many facts, quotes and statistics that you can muster. It will help organize your information, leading to a better flow, as compared to winging it. An extra advantage to having this outline is...
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