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How to Combat Web Plagiarism

Plagiarism has always been a problem. With the advent of the Internet, the problem became even more prevalent. Unfortunately, too many people believe that Internet content does not fall under any copyright protection laws and is therefore free for anyone to use or misuse. Since you have gone to a lot of time and trouble to develop a personal or business website, you need to take the additional time and effort to protect your website. You can take several steps in order to protect your intellectual website property: Include a copyright notice (with the copyright symbol ©) at the bottom of each page Add a Copyscape banner to every page. The Copyscape banner will state ‘Page Protected by Copyscape – Do Not Copy’. Copyscape is a free service. You can check out their homepage at Copyscape. The free version will allow you to check only five of your pages monthly and will return only ten results. You can purchase additional searches for a nominal fee. Copyscape offers an automatic version, Copysentry, for a low $4.95 a month. This version will run weekly checks for you. This price covers the first ten pages. Additional pages are $.25 each for a total of...
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