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The Explosion of the Mobile Internet

At the end of 2010, something happened which no one could have predicted. Shipments of Smartphones and tablet PCs outstripped shipments of PCs. The way people are using the Internet is changing, and it has become far more portable in recent years. There’s no question that the growth of social networking has contributed to the way computers are used, and the mobile internet has shown itself to be particularly well-suited to applications like Facebook and Twitter. The implications for advertisers and online merchants are staggering. More and more applications are built to complement mobile use of the Internet. Facebook’s location functionality and four square’s integration with Twitter are tailor-made for users who are taking their Internet with them. In a market like Japan, mobile users account for 85% of page views of a popular social networking site, in contrast to just 14% 4 years ago. Another interesting development is that 60% of the time now spent on Smartphones is on activities other than traditional phone activities like phone calls or texting. Smartphone users overwhelmingly use them for Web apps, games, directions, social networking and all kinds of other utilities. It’s estimated that global mobile traffic will grow 26 times over the...
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