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Using Panoramio to Promote Local Business

It’s been proven in various studies that using online images can grab a user’s attention faster than plain text content can. With that being said, it’s smart for local business owners to incorporate images as part of their online marketing campaign as often as they can. A fantastic tool to help incorporate images as part of that strategy is Panoramio, an image sharing tool owned by Google.  But what makes Panoramio different from other image sharing tools?  There are a few capabilities within Panoramio that make it a smart choice for local business owners, including: The ability to easily share photos on Twitter and Google Buzz. The ability to incorporate local business GEO modifiers that the search engines like. The ability to display an icon on a map that represents where you’re located, or where each picture was taken. Note: This is great for home contractors who do a lot of work out and about. They have the ability to literally show all of their jobs with images on a Google map that can be incorporated into their website. If someone asks, “Do you have a list of where you’ve served clients?” The contractor can respond with, “I can do better than...
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