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Mistakes you Don’t Want to Make when Marketing Online

Often, business owners fail to recognize the complexity behind successfully marketing online. Since the Internet is so accessible, they figure it’s just as easy to create an effective online presence. They end up diving in and messing up their potential earning power through poor page rates and ill-conceived pay-per-click campaigns. Don’t make these same mistakes … Keyword Stuffing isn’t Gravy So search engines find your site by inbound links and keywords. The more keywords, the better, right? Wrong. Too many inexperienced online marketers stuff keywords into website copy. The result is difficult-to-read, often pointless, and most usually unhelpful to the reader. Instead of getting a better position in search results, you’ll get knocked. Ideally, your copy should have 2-4% keyword density. A Link isn’t Always Good Yes, one of the ways your site gets ranked is by the number of inbound links. When a site has a link to yours, you are deemed as important, credible … or not. If the link to your site is on a website with a poor page rank, it can actually harm your positioning. This is never truer than with the terrible marketing practice of link farming. There are credible ways to add links to...
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