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Did You Spend 10.02 seconds on keyword research? That’s 5.09 seconds more than your competition

What are you targeting? If I were to sit down with a webmaster or your average small business owner and ask that question, he or she would probably run off a list of terms, maybe even sight a few corresponding search volumes (i.e. how often the term is searched for each month) and then they would probably sit snuggly against their chair, feeling very proud of themselves. I would then open up The Google Keyword Tool, search around for about oh, I don’t know, 25 seconds and then say: “what’s that? – are you targeting that?”. Their response would typically be something like “why would I do that? It’s only searched for * times per month”. Gulp. It’s not about search volume – well, it is, but keyword research is not ALL about search volume. In fact, while we’re at it, Search Engine Optimisation isn’t all about rankings. In any marketing strategy, you need to be thinking about two things: Competition ROI That low search volume term may not drive much in the way of searches, but if it’s targeted and relevant with a relatively small competitive score (i.e. the number of webmasters who are competing to rank for that term),...
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