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Phone Verification Stops Fraud Transactions and Fraud Account Access

 Fraud commonly occurs in business transactions online. Stolen credit card numbers from innocent people are used. Charges rack up for the business while the fraudster gets merchandise.  This impacts the business and the person whose card was stolen. Fraud can even occur when a fraudster hacks into an account. A fraudster may attempt to log into a company online and hack an account.  There are ways to stop these situations from happening. TeleSign has resolved to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. TeleSign has a telephone verification process for fraud attempts.  The telephone verification includes a phone verification system. This phone verification is run by a third party instead of clients. This is a great relief as clients are busy with their own business.  TeleSign is an expert in fraud and thus phone verification. As such, it makes sense that TeleSign performs the telephone verification. They know what to look for in attempted online fraud cases.  Telephone verification is part of the process of identify fraud. This process has a global scalability by the company TeleSign. Countries all over the world can use phone verification by TeleSign.  In fact, over 1 billion transactions have already been processed. This phone verification has...
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