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Fraud Curtailed through Third party Verification and Phone number Validation

 TeleSign has seen a huge decline in fraud attempts with clients. Fraud has been drastically reduced because of our services. These services are helping clients verify actual authentic customers.  Our third party verification is done with a special program. The program is activated once a customer tries to purchase something. This happens when a person is required to enter one’s credit card number.  The credit card number is entered and initiates verification. A totally different pop-up window appears as third party verification. This pop-up window requires a phone number and special pin number.  A person is required to enter a phone number where they can be reached. Third party verification then calls the number inputted. As the phone is answered, a special pin number is provided to the customer.  The pin number is specially created by third party verification. This pin number will allow the initial transaction to continue. Most fraudsters tend to stop here in fear of sharing a phone number.  The phone number verification has worked tremendously. Phone number verification begins with identifying the type of phone. TeleSign’s Phone ID can identify the type of phone number provided.  Phone number verification includes a landline or mobile number. VOIP numbers...
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