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5 Mistakes Made By New Bloggers

5 mistakes that are often committed by new bloggers, of course there are many more that are many more possible even for senior blogger. The rate at which blogs are coming up is alarming. Every second there seem to be over 100 million blogs created online, and more are still created on a daily basis. This can become overwhelming for a new blogger, and can get confused on just how their blog can make a significant impact online. This becomes all the more important if you are blogging for money. While blogging is a very lucrative way of making money online, make no mistake to assume that the money will come looking after you, you need to put in a substantial amount of effort. Here are the top 5 mistakes new bloggers make when they start out on this lucrative venture, and which you can avoid to gain that competitive edge over your competition and make a substantial amount of money online. If you are new to blogging, you better start on the right foot and read our complete guide to blogging. Not owning the domain Unless you are blogging for fun, if you are serious you need to make money...
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