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Which is Better For Business: Facebook Fan Page or Group Page?

Now boasting more than 750 million users (which is larger than the combined populations of Australia, Russia, the U.K and the U.S.),  Facebook now stands as the largest pool of potential customers in the world for your business. The two primary means of projecting a message via Facebook is through a group page or a fan page, which is better for business? Essentially, a Facebook fan page is ideal if you're looking to promote and build brand awareness, perhaps you're a public figure or celebrity or a leader of some organization. The popularity of such pages are usually measured by the amount of 'likes', updates, comments and contributions posted on the fan page. Groups pages are generally used for more special interest groups such as old school friends keeping in touch.    Certain functionalities between fan pages and group pages put the two platforms on equal footing. For example, either concept will allow a discussion wall and forums thus enabling members to interact. Content and promotional links can also be added to either type of Facebook page. On fan pages and group pages, the owner can also appoint administrators who regulate which members and fans have access to content.  The main differences...
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