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Hiring an SEO Consultant? 15 Terms You Must Remember

You want to hire a SEO Consultant as your business demands it. It may sound simple at first but could be a tough cookie to crack. Especially with your limited knowledge of technical terms pertaining to the SEO industry. As soon as you start talking with the new consultant and he starts with technical terms, you are already at sea. Before the Pandora’s box of technical terms like “301 redirect”, “Indexing” & “Canonicalization” starts to open from the consultant’s mouth, you better brush up these 29 must know technical terms to guard yourself against any possible misadventure with the new consultant. Also, remember that you have to look convincing and confident in front of him, after all you are the one who is hiring him not he. I shall try to explain these terms and definitions in the simplest of words possible. Understand these important terms and watch how the cookie crumbles Canonicalization: A process which pinpoints the more relevant or appropriate URL when a webpage has multiple URL’s, which generally is the homepage. In absence of this process, a search engine will find it difficult to decide upon the best URL.  Analytics: A tool required to track the user behavioural data...
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