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Fact or Fiction? Internet Marketing is A Waste of Time for Small Businesses

Do you need to market on the internet for success? You might think that your company is too small to partake in internet marketing. But even small businesses can benefit vastly with some search engine optimization, social media optimization, and internet marketing strategies in general. Whether you’re a small office, a one man or one woman show, or are a large conglomerate, you can benefit from marketing with the internet. Fact: Your customers use the internet to help them make buying decisions. You can be present when they make those decisions. You can do this through search engine optimization techniques, through marketing with social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, through local SEO with tools like Google Places, and you can do it through blogs, video marketing and other online strategies, too. Fiction: You’re Too Small to Compete. You may think you’re just a small fish in a big pond. But there are many ways to use internet marketing techniques to your advantage. Due to the transparency of the internet, you can find underutilised methods that will help you gain market share --- even if you’re a small player in a highly competitive niche. You can figure out what your...
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