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Detect Faces Using jQuery Face Detection Plugin

It's quite surprising to see how these recognition softwares work especially when it comes it detecting faces. Face detection is truly an astonishing feature used by so many websites such as Facebook. In Facebook as soon as the user clicks on tag option, it lets you select the faces you wish to tag. It's a cool feature which serves the best when you have to identify faces in a photo. Understanding the logic that works behind the algorithms of detecting faces, voice or other types, make this topic all the more interesting and catchy. Whether it's about detecting voice, getting the perfect crop, or getting the picture shot uniquely, it is amusing to know how everything is being done. With this in mind, it would be worth spending some quality time to explore the basics of face detection plugins like Face Detection by Jay Salvat and Liu and Liu. It's an exceptionally reliable jQuery plugin that works on both images and videos. The plugin receives an image and then returns an array of coordinates of faces found within the image. The main advantage of using this plugin is that, once get the hanged, the face detection algorithm within the plugin...
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