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Modular Data Centre and Containerized Computing

When it comes to storing a large amounts of virtual data, there is one, universal obstacle to cross and that is the question of the storage space. While we live in a twenty first century, up until recently, many companies were resorting to the classic brick and mortar structures, and many still do. The construction of this kind of storage room can be extremely exhausting and it could last quite some time. However, there is one problem that seems more pestering that even these two aforementioned and that is - the fact that it is extremely expensive to construct a building that has all the things necessary in order to store and protect these data cashes. This very reason is the fact that most of the modern informational based companies and services are resorting to the alternative ways of storing data. Amongst these methods, one stands out and that is the use of storage containers as a cheap and effective server rooms. IBM was thinking outside the box In a survey conducted by IBM only about 12 percent of data center operators were interested in modular build. However, when the word spread about the actual possibilities of such concept made quite...
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