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8 Points to Consider While Buying First 3D Printer

3D printing is a relatively new industry. However, many different types of 3D printers are already available on the market. 3D printing enthusiasts buy a 3D printer in the heat of the moment and later regret. The 3D printing industry is advancing very rapidly. But, do not expect miracles to happen with your first 3D printer. 3D printers that can print objects on demand are now affordable. If you have patience and are okay with using limited materials, then you can buy the decently priced models available for sale. These take several hours to build an object and can usually work with two types of thermoplastic, namely PLA and ABS. The best consumer 3D printers cannot print objects bigger than a loaf of bread, but they print with amazing clarity, strength, smoothness, and finish. They are very useful for printing household objects such as small spare parts that are difficult to find in retail shops, or personalized salt-and-pepper shakers. Here are 8 points to consider when buying your first printer.1. What are you? Depending on whether you are a tinkerer or a designer, you can choose and buy a 3D printer that exactly suits your needs. Tinkerers are attracted to 3D...
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