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10 Rocking Image Optimization Plug-ins For a Speedy Website

A website without images would look boring. However, if you go for non-optimized images, it will considerably slow down the website and hamper the user experience. A great solution to deal with this issue is optimization of the images which helps your website in speedy loading and also proves beneficial for SEO. In order to optimize the images and boost the user experience, many plug-ins are available which can reduce the image size and also boost the SEO. This indeed frees you from the trouble of high resolution images which come with a large file size and slow down the loading speed of the page. Let us look into the top 10 image optimization plug-ins which will visibly boost your site’s loading time. CW Image Optimizer CW Image Optimizer is another plug-in that effectively and automatically optimizes the images as you are uploading them to your website. This plug-in can also optimize the images that are previously uploaded. The CW Image Optimizer makes use of the image optimization tools pertaining to Linux littleutils. This implies that your images would never leave the server. PB Responsive Images PB Responsive Images is capable of automatically reformatting all of your images and turn them...
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