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Hotjar - The Hot New Master Tool for Web Analytics

If you happen to be from the web industry or have been monitoring your own website’s analysis reports, you must be familiar with hundreds of web analytic tools that are available online. These include biggies like SurveyMonkey, Google analytics itself, CrazyEgg etc., which have been present in the market for quite some time, but have failed to deliver as promised and thus have not achieved complete satisfaction from customers. With their budgets digging a hole in your pocket, you are in a need of a new affordable and more powerful tool. Rescued by Hotjar Hotjar is a brand new web analytic tool that combines the power and efficiency of all such services online and presents them as one. If one has to give an appropriate description of Hotjar in a sentence, it would be that it is an invaluable tool that provides unlimited important insights for your webpage. Knowing the secrets like what the visitors desire the most and what they don’t like, holds the key to transform irritated abandoning visitors to happy and satisfied customers. What it does Hotjar.com claims that they would help you understand the true behavior of your visitors through its insights to expand your business. With the...
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