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Top 5 Open Source Projects Related to Web Development and Design

Exciting trend that is not new, but without a doubt based on sheer will power and collaboration of so many web designers and web developers around the world. I definitely have to say that all these have been upcoming trends few years ago, but now all are important web standards.During the last few years, we've published many articles related to open source projects, CMS and software: Top 3 Free Applications for Graphic Design in Browser Top 30 Free Software for Web Designers Start New Web Project on the Right Foot - 50 Web Development Applications And Side Tools Top 3 Open Source PHP CMS During 2013 In this article we will look at some of the latest and most significant projects that are changing the "landscape" with rapid speed. All these projects deserves detailed reviews, I hope in the future I will find a time to prepare a review for each one. Font Awesome https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/ Font Awesome gives you responsive and scalable vector icons. Excellent features and easy to customize color, size, drop shadow with simple CSS. The current version 4.2 offer 479 icons that are divided in several categories. It is very easy to implement Font Awesome with few lines...
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