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Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur should Know

Big Data is changing the small business world. Small businesses are doing things never previously imagined, and because of that they are finding ways to thrive and compete while battling competition with greater resources and size. The increased ability to make the most of money and resources provided by big data offerings such as Hadoop as a service is a driving force behind this. Big data is making an especially big impact in small business marketing. Traditionally this has been an extremely important, yet difficult area, for small businesses to thrive. It can determine success or failure depending on how well it’s done. Big data should be behind everything these companies do. In the past, big data was only feasible for big companies with large amounts of liquid capital necessary for installing enormous infrastructure, equipment and software. With big data services in the cloud, any size business can now take advantage. With affordable prices and low upfront costs, small businesses can scale the data to whatever size they need. Additionally, with many companies that provide cloud as a service you only pay for what you use. There’s no worry about wasting money on packages and services that go unused. An important...
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