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My Life is My Work! Interview with Phil Turner

I am happy to Introduce Phil Turner to the readers of WebmaisterPro. Well-known successful online entrepreneur, valued member of our social network, a person who can always share some very useful tips. Phil, would you introduce yourself with few sentences? Hi, I’m an English guy, an ex-teacher, who has ideas by the ton. I am an optimist and like to believe that most people are basically good. What drives your creativity? I believe we have duties to humanity regarding knowledge. We have to learn as much as we can handle and we have to pass that on before we die to as many people as possible. Each person has a unique body of knowledge built up from their unique set of life experiences. The human race benefits from that knowledge and advances, but you need to pass it on or the knowledge dies with you. What’s more, you have to pass it on to at least one person who will pass it on before they die, too. The only way to increase the probability of your knowledge continuing forever is to pass it on to hundreds of thousands of people, so that a few of them will incorporate your knowledge into their...
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