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Interview with Daniel Duckworth - Founder of ServiceCrowd

I am happy to introduce Daniel Duckworth the founder and CEO at ServiceCrowd AU. A great person, mastermind behind unique web project, that I believe every web professional need to check. Daniel, would you introduce yourself with few sentences? I'm the founder of ServiceCrowd, formerly DesignQuotes. We are a marketplace for finding local services, getting introduced to experts and easily getting quotes from local service providers. Our goal is to help people find the right local service and help businesses get more sales leads. At how many companies you are involved at the moment? I'm focused 100% on ServiceCrowd, but we have a few side projects that tie back into the main service. For example I've just recently started a website called CrowdPress (https://crowdpress.com.au/) where the content is focused on curating new and exciting material from great organisations. The purpose is to build up a following based on interests. Our main website's content (https://servicecrowd.com.au) tends to focus much more on guides for buyers which is very specific and usually not very buzz worthy. I'm also about to launch something called ServiceCrowd Ask. Since we have lots of experts that offer services, we are creating a way for people to submit questions online...
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