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An effective insight into setting up a custom home page in WordPress

Although WordPress themes are structured as per the expectations of site owner and clients, yet there are times when a specific set up for the home page might actually turn off the visitors. Like for example, it may not be a great idea to throw your visitors right into the recent posts page and expect them to find their way. It is under such situations that WordPress' custom home page settings come to the rescue. With these easy-to-use settings, it becomes possible for you to define an entirely different front page for your WordPress powered website. Keep on reading this blog as I unleash some impressive details about setting up a custom home page for WordPress sites/blogs. What exactly is a Custom Home Page in WordPress? Whenever you install a responsive theme for the very first time for your site, the custom home page feature will be activated. If you're inclined on changing this custom home page, you can do the same using the “Theme Options” panel available under the “Home Page” options. Here, a selected checkbox represents the activated status of the custom home page. Flexibility to display the front page as “Static Page” or as a “Blog” As an...
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