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Fairly Simple Steps to Creating a new Menu and Menu Module in Joomla 2.5

Joomla, as a highly sought-after content management system, is making deeper inroads into the web realm by the day. As the word about its resourcefulness and efficiency spreads, more and more webmasters are switching to Joomla to let their website gain greater grounds. Joomla offers an immaculate structure for your website in terms of the layout and a host of other design elements. When you wish to offer your visitors a smooth browsing experience that doesn't make them squint hard while navigating through your website, Joomla is the most perfect platform for you to choose. And the Joomla Menus enrich the user experience even more. To further elevate the feature, Joomla recently came up with Joomla 2.5 Menus that let the webmasters integrate some highly user-friendly and seamlessly compatible menus on their websites. The menus go a long way in making the basic site navigation better and more inclined towards the enhanced browsing experience.Each Menu has Multiple Sub-ItemsWhen you are configuring the menu in the site's dashboard, you will find the option of adding more than one sub-menus to each menu, and this helps you to categorize your website in a more effective manner. Let's say you are running a website...
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