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Decay of Webmaster Forums! Ghosts, Trolls and SPAM

For a very long time, I avoid visiting webmaster forums or online marketing forums. There are many reasons behind this, but in this article I will point one major problem that I've mentioned in previous posts. Everybody is aware of Google and Matt Cutts statement - “Decay of Guest Blogging”, but there is another thing that should be mentioned! Decay of Webmaster Forums It is not usual to write only negative about particular topic, but this time, I simply couldn't find a single positive point to emphasize. It seems that it is a “wave” or a trend that match some ideas of entropy and that everything is going into chaos. In particular webmaster forums seems to suffer in terms of quality. Lack of Serious Topics and Questions Nothing new about it, in the last 4-5 years barely can find any serious discussion at any of the top online marketing forums. Nor can find a question to answer. It seems that only questions that reappear again and again are “What is SEO”, “What is HTML”, “What is email marketing”, “What is link building”, “What is the best CMS”, etc... These are not questions, but whole branches of webmaster related issues.... Well, certainly...
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