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Best Web Design Tips for Gaming Sites

Whether you’re a gamer yourself or you’re thinking about starting your own gaming site, it’s important to know about aesthetic best practices for web design. Understanding what’s painful to the senses (such as the eyes and ears) can help you choose the best site to play, or lure in more customers if you’re running it. There are a lot of outdated practices and elementary errors when people choose themes and add on a little pomp and circumstance. Are you in danger of committing one of these taste crimes? It starts with understanding your target demographics and working the design around them. For instance, if you operate an online casino with table games, that’s going to draw a different crowd from the one you’ll attract if you offer fun, light, Angry Bird-esque games geared to all ages. Some ages and communities enjoy movement, flash, and music more than others, but it’s always a good idea to play it safe. Here’s how. Keep it simple This principle is true for every type of website. Game websites have a tendency to overwhelm. Your target market might be skilled at seeing through the noise, but that doesn’t mean they want to be attacked as soon...
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