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Truth About Make Money Through Blogging

Due to fact that there are so many articles that will try to convince you to become rich blogging or make money blogging. I've decided to write my own post and actually tell you the truth. A sequel from our previous article - Evergreen Niche? Best Money Making Niche. Many people might say that I am the “black station”, “the negative reviewer”, “the mean person”, etc... well to some extends I am, because I don't tolerate bullshit and understatements. Let's go straight to the facts! Search, Algorithms, WordPress Majority of blogs are based on WordPress. Many of you might recall that about 2 years ago, organic traffic to blogs started to decline. There is a good reason for this. Mainly WordPress used to offer a great benefits in terms of SEF CMS, RSS feeds and due to nature of blogs, always fresh content. Let's say that 80% of top 10 rankings were occupied by blogs. However... During the time everybody was talking about the first Panda update, blog traffic started to decline rapidly. Most of the benefits given to blogs was simply taken away. And here is why: other CMS also started integrating RSS feeds other CMS also implemented social share...
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