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Webservices for everyone

In this text I will explain ecosystem of independent developers and niche web service providers which will continue to emerge from the rise of technologies of web services, open APIs, new HTML 5 development tools and web browser based client devices. Web-applications are applications that run on the web. These are the applications that are built around the Web browser standards and thus can be used by any browser on any platform. By using Web services, your application feeds constantly its functions to the rest of the world to consume. By  utilizing  standard documentation of the web services (UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration),  WSDL (Web Services Description Language) your fellow application  developer can then easily start building its own application or web  based on your service by using standardized way of calling your web service’s “services”. Web services use traditionally XML to code and to decode data. Data is transportable over the Internet by using open standard Internet protocol, HTTP(hypertext transfer  protocol).  Different kind of Internet (client) applications can then be programmed to use web services.  Messages are transferred over HTTP using different web protocols such as SOAP, RPC-XML and REST. Each of the these message protocols have their own...
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