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Coping with Data Loss: 5 Lessons from Recent Security Disasters

It’s sadly become a fact of life that security breaches happen with alarming frequency. Hackers have been trying to get at valuable data for decades, but only in recent years have data breaches reached monumental proportions. During the 2013 holiday season, Target experienced a massive breach where 40 million debit and credit card numbers were stolen with other effects reaching up to 110 million customers. eBay more recently was the victim of a security breach where a database holding user passwords was infiltrated, giving attackers access to around 145 million records. Other breaches have hit Coca-Cola, Neiman Marcus, SnapChat, Michaels and even institutions of higher learning. (Tweet This) From these incidents, customers and businesses are quickly realizing cyberattacks are almost an expected occurrence, but there are also a number of important lessons that can be learned to prevent future problems or at least minimize the damage done. 1. Communication is Key If there’s a problem, companies need to communicate that to their customers as soon as possible. Bad communication can sometimes make a problem worse or ruin a company’s reputation. Target unfortunately didn’t alert customers until days after news outlets had already been running the story. In SnapChat’s case, months passed...
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