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How to Measure ROI of Video?

In the last few years, many businesses have asked me the same question: “How do I find that video marketing is giving good or bad ROI?”. Few years ago, I wrote an article: “How to measure social media campaign ROI”.This article will concentrate on embedded videos on your product/services pages, more than videos on social media. It might look like mission impossible at first, but practically, measuring ROI of video is very simple and easy. To get accurate results, you need A/B testing, control group and of course time. For many years companies are trying to create brand awareness through video marketing, some are producing few a year, others hire videographers and produce hundreds. Well, it very much depends on the business niche and business model, but on the other hand everybody wants to know, “is video marketing and production waster of time or now”? I hate writing much, so let's go straight to the essence of this topic. Run Different Control Groups and A/B Testing The impact of video can be found easier with measuring and tracking behavior of different control groups. Two control groups: products with videos products without videos Without a doubt there are a lot of metrics...
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