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Top 3 Applications for Graphic Design in Browser

Graphic Design and Photo Editing in Web Browser Without a doubt Adobe Photoshop is the leading image editor for nearly 20 years. It will be unrealistic to say that there is a real alternative. Of course some operating systems like Linux have Gimp that is decent graphic editing software, but still the core without plug-ins isn't come even closer. Due to power of latest web programing languages and in particular HTML5 a new trend have arise in the last few years – web design in browser, but as well as image editing in browser. It might sounds unserious at first, but there are quite good Photoshop alternatives that are accessible through your browser. These image editors offer all the basic features of Gimp and Photoshop. PIXLR https://pixlr.com/ Of course the first alternative of Adobe Photoshop in web editors is developed by Autodesk. PIXLR is extremely flexible and the interface looks so similar to Photoshop. Actually it took me about 5 minutes to match results done in Photoshop with this online based image editor. Features are limitless, you can either create image from scratch or edit existing photo. I have to say that, everybody in the office was impressed, interface looks exactly...
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