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Apache Web Server with PHP and MySQL - WampDeveloperPro

WampDeveloper Pro™ is excellent Windows-based web server platform and application providing you with an excellent framework and user interface for developing and hosting websites WampDeveloper enables professionals, average users, and businesses to swiftly develop and deploy sites using Apache server, PHP and MySQL. 1-click process creating websites with WampDeveloper . Use any domain (real or test), and your new web project will be immediately reachable operational. WampDeveloper Pro Features Components Configuration Security Apache 2.2 Web Server Follows Best Practices CIS "Level-1" Security MySQL 5.1 Database Performance Optimized Up-to-date Apache, MySQL and PHP Versions PHP 5.2 and 5.3 Secured mod_security Web Application Firewall Perl 5.12 Scripting Language Modularized OpenSSL Cryptography Toolkit phpMyAdmin MySQL Management Virtual Hosting Enabled   AWStats Log Analysis SSL Hosting Enabled   eAccelerator Opcode (PHP) Cache Platform Independant   Ioncube Loader     WampDeveloper can integrate with all PHP & MySQL based web applications, IDEs, and PHP Frameworks WampDeveloper comes packed by default with some of the most popular CMS integrated - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ets. As well integrating your project into your favorite IDE have never been that easy, some of the supported IDEs are Eclipse PDT, NetBeans, jEdit, etc. That's not all, easy integration with CodeIgniter, Yii,...
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