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Google Updates Payday Loan 2.0 and Panda 4.0 Leaving Rooms for Anxious Speculations

Twitter broke the amazing news that the web world was anticipating all through the last week. Matt Cutts, the brain behind penalties designed in the form of different updates (including all the Panda or Penguin updates) announced the rolling out of this algorithm of Google on 19th May. It is not quite a small amount of damage that the series of previous Panda Updates had already done that Google is up to some new mischief. However, it is probably the bad luck of this search engine that all time it builds a very strong locked gate to keep the spammy search volume outside, smart web masters manage to barge in with smarter policies of gate crashing. The latest update named, Panda 4.0 is expected to be stricter on low quality content on different websites. It wants to tighten the noose against everything that is poor on quality and not of real help to the search world’s queries that they can be stopped on their way to the top ranks on the search results. It is true that Google keeps on doing such minor updates almost every month (sometimes multiple times a month) and does not keep informing the search world about...
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