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Search Engine Opoly; Can You Play the Game of SEO?

Rules of ethic and effective SEO campaign, what SEO can do and what is not recommended. SEO – it’s a competitive mine field that, if you wish to survive and come out on top, you need to know a few golden rules. As with any other industry, keeping up to date with the latest technology, campaigns, techniques and know-how is vital for continuing success in the fast paced and frivolous game of SEO. So, to give you that competitive edge and feed your growing hunger for victory, here are the top tips to surviving the ultimate online game. Rules of Online Marketing All games have rules and SEO is no exception. Grab your notepad and pen because there is quite a few, and unlike a younger sibling who you can blackmail into being quiet – Google won’t be so kind. In fact, if you don’t play by their rules you’ll get well and truly disqualified and sent to the corner with a dunce hat. In other words they’ll sandbox you! ‘White hat techniques’ is the phrase to describe those SEO techniques which search engines approve of. In contrast ‘black hat techniques’ are those techniques that search engines do not like and...
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