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Pligg Social Bookmark CMS

Pligg is probably the most popular and sufficient social bookmaking open source content management system. Pligg is mature CMS firstly developed in 2005. There are many popular websites that are based on Pligg and some of these actually look like full fledged social networks. Web Server Requirements Basically Pligg need Apache or Nginx based web-server with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 to run ( Pligg version 2). As nature of social bookmarking websites, a good minimum will be mid-class VPS to be able to handle traffic and high server load. Installing Pligg Installation is very easy and experienced webmaster will need no more than 5 minutes to complete it. Pligg Features Pligg is very flexible CMS that can easily be customized to fit your needs, additionally there are many free and paid modules, widgets and themes. Latest version design is based on Bootstrap 3 and other out of the box features are: user profiles link submission admin back-end commenting system voting templates modules widgets SEF URLs etc... Pros and Cons I can't say that there are any cons, mostly because there isn't other open source social bookmarking CMS that it is regularly updated and it is based on latest. Pligg is...
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