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Drupal 7 Review. Pros and Cons

Drupal is one of the most popular, flexible and powerful CMS, as well as it is the 3rd most installed. Often called the best open source CMS, by many web developers, though our opinion defers and in this Drupal review, we will explain why. Drupal is developed in 1999 by Dries Buytaert and in the beginning it have been planed to be message board, but things have changed in 2001. Today Drupal is flexible CMS that is mostly preferred by experienced web developers. Drupal is very suitable complicated enterprise projects.With large community of developers and tons of free and paid modules and themes, that kind of projects are moderately easy to develop, mainly because the flexible Drupal core.  In this review, we are particularly talking about Drupal version 7(latest stable release). System Requirement Drupal is not “hungry” for high system requirements, but this depends very much on the website, number of modules and traffic. In general you can install Drupal even on shared hosting, you will need at least 60MB (Drupal installation takes about 16MB), can choose between some of the most popular web servers like Apache, Nginx or Microsoft IIS. Linux based hosting will be more cost effective choice. Minimum...
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