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JomSocial - Create Your Own Social Network with Joomla

JomSocial is social network component for Joomla, probably the only complete solution that work out of the box (with few minor settings) that can help you to establish your own social network in a matter of hours. First I will start with the basics, Joomla and JomSocial requires good web hosting. So forget about shared hosting solution, you need at least mid-level VPS to run these two monsters, also forget about low-end cheap VPS.  Second you need special template for your Joomla website that is compatible with JomSocial - most are premium, I would personally recommend RocketTheme templates, but you have find high quality templates that are free, for example based on Gantry framework All right, so what do you get for $149? JomSocial package includes the main component, several modules and bunch of plug-ins (applications).  Installation is very easy and if you have some experience with Joomla probably you will not have any problems. I personally would start with installation of suitable template and upload the component through FTP in the root folder and after that use installation from URL (this may save some headaches if upload_max_size value is low). Set-up is a different ball game, setting up; component, modules...
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