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Contact Form 7 - Flexible Contact Form Plug-in for WordPress

Contact Form 7 for WordPress is one of the most popular multiple contact form plug-ins. It is extremely flexible, easy to integrated with 3rd party plug-ins and it is free. Contact Form 7 plug-in is mature, regularly update and documentation is well written and complete. The plug-in is moderately easy to use and can create very complicated multiple contact forms. In this review, we will give you few tips, how to use it and how to combine Contact Form 7 with other plug-ins. Installation is straight-forward and doesn't differ from installing any other WordPress plug-in. Personally, I would suggest to check the documentation https://contactform7.com/docs/. Process of creating contact forms is traight forward, though non-experienced webmasters or bloggers, might get a bit confused. Contact Form 7 – Form Tags As I mentioned above, this plug-in is very flexible and there are several form tags that you can use out of the box: Text Fields Number Fields Date Field Checkboxes, Radio Buttons and Menus File Uploading and Attachment CAPTCHA Quiz Acceptance Checkbox Submit Button As well as Contact Form 7 can integrate 3rd party plug-ins to customize your form even further. For instance, one of the screenshots, include plug-in called “Contact Form 7...
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