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SaSS vs Less vs Stylus. What web developers say?

Using CSS Preprocessors prevent a lot of headaches and offer excellent benefits. One of the main problems that is prevented is so called "DRY" (Don't repeat yourself). CSS Preprocessors save time and provide valid CSS without breaking browser compatibility. I've decided to write a different kind of article, asking web developers which CSS Preprocessors is preferred - LESS, SaSS or Stylus. Actually the original question was LESS vs SaSS, but few of them come up with an extra answer. Additional reason, for writing this article is related to Google Trends and one infographic that I saw recently. Both provide controversial data, to what I have received from "real" web developers. The point of this article is not to compare syntax, flexibility, property lookup, functionality, etc... Obviously all are similar, though a bit different. Lauren ClarkUX Designer & Web Developer I use Sass, not a whiz on it but I definitely like it for variables, mixins and math - when deciding which to go for and start implementing into projects; it was a clear winner for me.It's updated more frequently and has less issues than LESS and it's name isn't confusing. It handles math better and errors better, it's also a little more...
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