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How to Improve eCommerce Checkout Process

If you have track the details of usage in ecommerce store, probably you have seen that large percent of potential buyers fill the shopping cart basket and do not processed with checkout. Well, reasons for this can be so many, but very often these reasons are related to difficult to understand or confusing checkout process. This is a short guide, how to improve checkout process, including some "do's and don'ts". Keep it short Simply nobody like to fill too much information, keep checkout form as short as possible, If it is not possible, then divide the form in few different steps. This will "chop" the process into bitesize and will make things more clear. Include Alternative Payment Methods Offering variety of payment methods and processors is essential, especially for International businesses. In many countries, Paypal isn't so popular, nor debit/credit cards can be used online. Adding alternative methods is a good strategy to increase sales. Alternative Languages You run multi-lingual shop, all items and important pages are translated into several languages. Did you forget to do the same on checkout process? Often I see shops loosing customers just because checkout page is in default language. Analyze All Steps Find out on...
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